Institutional Distinctiveness

Jagdamba Education Society’s opens up various avenues to gain self-respect. However, many students from rural areas had to leave their education in the middle owing to financial crunch. In a bid to help these students complete their education like their urban counterparts, help from Students Adoption Scheme ‘in 2017 to 2022 year.

The Main Goal OF That Scheme is to Provide Educational Material For the Student . Which is In Poor In Family . And There is No Loss OF Education Of the Students of Economically Poor Family Student.

Under this scheme, Jagdamba Education Society Provide Notebook,Pen,,Pencil and other Educational  related Object to the Poor Family and Rural area Student .

Sometime all the teacher contribute cash and Distribute it to the Student which Losses their Father Or Mother.There is no condition of a certain percentage or number of marks required. However, the students must belong to the lower economic society and rural area Student. The applicant student must fulfill the criteria mentioned in the form.  Initially, students from Jagdamba Education Society’s and a few other known educational institutes will be chosen. 

Jagdamba education Society Provide this Scheme Per Year For the Five Student and this student chosen from all the Department of Senior  S. N. D. Collage of  Yeola.

All Facility Provided for Student Adopt Scheme  (  Like Pen, Pencil , Book’s, Note-Book,

Hand –Book, College Practical Journal’s etc.) is From Jagdamba Education Society And At the Level Of College Management Commity.

All the Material Are Helpful And Needful For The Student In Taking Education. That Material Is Provide For The Student In Every Academic Year  Under These Scheme From Jagdamba Society.

All Teachers Staff Concentrate Personaly Every Student In These Scheme To Improve the Student And Guide When Needed.

Scheme Provide  Educational Material  like Pen ,Pencil, Book’s ,Note Book’s ,Hand Book’s  In Academic Year For Needed Student .

students which have willingness to study but are financially weak to purchase books notebooks and stationary are provided with books notebooks and stationary.

   These students remember our Jagdamba Education Society’s then guide other rural and poor students. This scheme is helpful for poor and incapable for complete education.


To provide Educational Material  to the financially backward and needy students

To promote high education among the poor and backward students. the students must belong to the lower economic society and rural area Student.

To motivate the backward student for higher education.

– Students from Standard First year  to Third Year of Graduation can participate in the scheme.
– Students must belong to the low-income and poor family group.
– Special preference to students from rural areas.

-Student which Losses their Parent also applicable.